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1. You can bring forward your extra data.
As long as your prepaid subscription is active.
If your prepaid validity is two years, then two years it is!

2. Shareable to all XOX/ONEXOX users.
When we say all, we really do mean ALL XOX subscribers.

3. Use as much or little quota as you want.
Just activate how much you need. Be it 500MB or 1GB, it’s your choice.

4. Super Convenient.
Sufficient credit in your air time, it's ready to go.
Just top-up and we will renew it every 30 days for you. As simple as that.

5. The plan is brought to you by XOX MOBILE.
XOX MOBILE is one of the top mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in Asia with superb coverage nationwide.
Just ask all our subscribers.